Past Puppies

We are very proud of the way all of our past Springer puppies have turned out and truly enjoy getting updates from their new families!

All Puppies were sired by CH PC Dakota Pines 1, CH MN Whispering Pines One Over Par (Bogey) or CH Wood Lake's Edison.

The mothers were either  Belladonna Bailey, Annie, Jazz or Bella


Annie Grace

Latest picture of Annie Grace. She is getting so big, and is such a great puppy. She now knows sit, shake, down and is learning stay and doing wonderfully at it. Tim is very impressed at how smart she is. We are enjoying her immensely she is such a joy! She is also very dominate, when you read about dominate dogs and their habits she is at the top of the list (That little tail of hers is up all the time), we are learning a lot also on how to handle her and teach her that we are the boss not her it's funny, I'm sure that you would laugh at us, as you know we like to spoil our dogs! Just wanted you to know that all is well and I will try to send more pictures of her soon, I want to get some good ones of her outside. Thank you once again for all of your great work with her in the beginning of her life, I know it made a huge difference. We also need to call Erin soon - I would love to get Annie and Ace together just to see how they interact.

Talk soon Judy

Zoot and Burk

Zoot marched in for his last 'puppy visit' at the vet's today had his shots and his microchip implanted..not a whimper. He's lean and tall at 28 lbs. This guy is so laid back, a lover boy and, a pleasure to work with having learned his basic commands and beginning retrieving and oh, he falls asleep when he's being blow-dryed...Ha!. Zootie has been completely 'house-broken' now for about 2 weeks...might have been sooner if he could have gotten mom and dad 'house-broken' so we wouldn't forget that he has a puppy bladder connected to a puppy brain. Zoot and Burk have a ball 'buds' and, even at half the weight of Burk...'Zoot gives as good as he gets'. He just needs to realize that he can't do everything Burk does like jump up on the picnic table...but he tries. Anyway, THANK YOU MN Whispering Pines Springer's, Erin and Sally. We love our precious boys.

 Barb and Cap Horning


Annie/Bogey 2012 litter


Good Morning Sally,

I just want to double check and make sure that you received the
letter in the mail verifying Violet's spay surgery. It should have
arrived by now.
Also, congrats on the new puppies. As always they are very cute. I
especially like the little black and white female with the Lime
ribbon...I may be a little partial to any Lime puppy. I wonder why?!
Violet is loving this nice warm weather. Walks are so much more fun
when we are not trying to dodge icy patches. She loves all the new
sights and sounds, like robins and geese!
We start Level 1 obedience on Saturday. She'll do great I'm sure. They
said that the trainer and dog have to stay within their personal space
bubble so as not to interact with other dogs and people. I think this
will be my biggest challenge with Miss Congeniality!!
Good luck with the second round of will have a very busy
Thanks for everything, especially the greatest little Lime pup ever
named Violet,