Hi Sally

Of course, we'd be delighted to respond to questions and be a contact person for Shelby's future litters. Our little Peach is still just the best. She hunts grouse very, very well. Doesn't get out of range and hunts best with two people so she doesn't have to quarter so far. Kind of funny, when ever we get to some long grass she wants to hunt Roosters. That pheasant thing is sure in their blood. Good lord, whenever we are driving down the road and she sees a pheasant she comes unglued and her tail about flies off her butt. The other thing I find is that she has lots of stamina. When I'm whipped, bloodied from busting brush, and out of gas, she's still got 3/4 tank left. What a dog.

Might pheasant hunt South Dakota late. We'll see how the weather and snow shape up. Otherwise it's pheasant hunting around here and Ruffs of course.


Tom, Gail, and Ms. Peach

Hi Sally,

Sorry we haven't responded sooner, it's been a crazy week. Anyway, Bogey graduated from puppy school with flying colors, head of the class! His first 2 weeks of Canine Good Citizen Class have gone well. Most of the dogs are older so he has to work hard. He learns so quickly. We're working on "shake" now. He seems to be going through a bit of teen age behavior lately, wants to do things his way more often than before but for the most part, he wants to please. He has the sweetest, most gentle personality. Those big brown eyes are full of love when he looks at you. He loves to play fetch now and is doing a great job returning the ball. I attached a few more pictures taken on Sunday.

Hope you get some rest with all your new puppies!!

Julie & Dave

Hi Sally & Rick,

Here's a picture of Burk (L) and Zoot(R) taken last December (Dakota/Shelby 9/09, Dakota/Lacy 9/11 resp.) Burk is still the hard charger and all about 'the nose'. Zoot is more visual and a thinker. Burk stays 'on ready' and sleeps with one eye open, Zoot, very laid-back and is the 'love bug'... never more than a step away from me. Both dogs seem to train intuitively, anticipating changing conditions and my every move. These two boys have touched our hearts and soothed our souls. We can't imagine what our lives were like before they came along and are counting the days until another little brother arrives this spring in Texas.
The Hornings

Hi Sally,

Well, Scout had his first bonified hunting trip. We took our annual trip to South Dakota for opening weekend pheasant. The corn was still in the fields, and they had hardly begun picking soy beans by then, so as you may have also experienced, there were not too many birds. It was really wet out there, too! We still got a few, though. Scout got to hunt with some older dogs, so they could "show him the ropes". We had him with a trainer this summer for a month, but hunting with the experienced dogs that has helped him a lot. He actually is more active when it is just him and me, though. I think he lets the other dogs hunt, so he can get see how it's done! He absolutely loves to fetch the training dummy in the yard, he has a lot of energy! And he is doing really well with obedience. I'm hunting with him this fall every opportunity we get, and having a lot of fun together, Scout Tyler and me. I included a couple pictures, hope you enjoy them!

Pete Lee

Josie is just such a terrific addition to our family... We know that we provide a good home, but we attribute her breeding, and the care and affection she received at your kennel, as having given her a head start in life. She's friendly towards everyone she meets, loves other dogs and kids - she's a joyful little dog, whose happiness seems to rub off on everyone around her. She's doing GREAT in the field - I'm attaching another photo, if you want to include it in your hunting section. She's flushed so many grouse that we've lost count, and she's retrieved many birds. It's clear she has a real instinct for hunting! Of course we're still working with her, as she's not even 10 months old yet, but it's clear that she's a gifted hunter and her enthusiasm is unparalleled.

Nancy, Craig and Josie

Hi Sally,

How is Shelby doing with the pregnancy? Casey is doing terrific. We start Beginner Obedience this Thursday night. He gets so many compliments wherever we go. He loves going to the lake/beach with us because he gets a lot of kids coming to see him. We love him very much and are still excited about a liver/white/tri coming to join him! They should make some gorgeous pictures together! Casey's favorite thing to do lately is shred his toys. Especially when my attention is on the computer. I turn around and there is stuffing all over the floor! We are trying to find a name for the new puppy but are struggling with this one! We have some time though! The next thing is I need to find great care for them when we go to Mexico this winter. I'm very picky on this. I've sent along some pictures of Casey at 6-1/2 months old. Isn't he a beauty?!

Jason and Christina


Hi Sally!

  We're all doing well here--just high winds but no tornados. I started Maddy with my vet--he though she looked wonderful and healthy. Her weight is 39 pounds now, and he thought she could maybe stand to lose one or two more pounds, but that she looks fine. I got her Heartguard going and am going to start both of them up on Frontline early because it's been so warm this winter. The dogs are doing so well--I got them wonderful memory foam beds so they could each have one side by side, etc. Well, they sleep together on the same one! Maddy is doing great--no more issues! She's friendly with strangers--- quite willing to be petted and doesn't bark or lunge at people. She does bark when someone is at the door--or outside, but I want her to do that. She now rides politely in the car and takes food gently from my fingers. She's 80% cured of pulling on the leash--which is pretty good considering! She displays no yapping or hysterics---she's perfect! I'm not sure what her issues were in her previous life, because I don't see them at all now. She's an amazing little creature, and T and I love her to bits. The dogs run miles round and round the yard--and Maddy is definitely faster than T. Thanks again--I'll send some pictures one of these days. Good luck with those new babies coming soon!


Hi Sally -

We had a great time today! Harley is really an incredible dog. You should have seen her work. We went to some private property in Le Sueur County today for a half day of hunting. Harley got her first Pheasant on her own. I shot it at about 100 yards. Long shot. HUUUUUGE Rooster. It's going to taste great tomorrow and then going deer hunting on Friday in Taylors Falls. I've never shot a deer but had a chance to smoke a baby one last year on the last day of the season. No way Hos'e. My first dear is going to have a nice rack on it. Hopefully a mounter. We'll see. There is a big boy in those woods. My buddies got a glimpse of him last fall.

Let me know if the image I attached came through. If not, I will figure out another way to send it to you. Keep up the great work. When I hunt with others......they are very impressed with Harley's incredible work ethic, obedience and kind demeanor. It's really fun to watch. We had 4 guys hunting today. Too bad the other ones didn't get anything ;) LOL.....I drove and brought the dogs. So that bird I shot was solely mine. Tracker and Harley perfectly compliment each other in the field. Fun to watch. You should have seen Harley Grouse hunting a few weeks ago. You cannot teach what she was doing. You can help but nothing like how she works the field and the woods. Hard to explain via email.

Have a great weekend,


This handsome little guy is featured in "Gun Dog magazine on page 2 and page 44

Mar/Apr/May issue. Vol.28, No 2

Tom & Nancy have done such a great job with Doc and love him to death

Tom & Doc returned to Whispering Pines this summer for a visit. It is always great to see how our pups have matured into beautiful adults. Thanks Tom for stopping in.


Sorry it took so long to respond. I have been sick and haven't checked this email for awhile. I would love to be a contact person. We love our little guy...he is just the best dog we ever had. I would love to brag about your dogs. Feel free to have people contact me. You can use geriatricconsultants@yahoo.com or sdezutel@columbia-stmarys.org.


Thanks, Sue